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Terms & Conditions - the "blah blah blah" of business!

Terms & Shipping Info

We guarantee our animals to arrive healthy and as described upon arrival. Any problem you encounter must be reported to us within 4 hours of arrival so that we can take the steps necessary to contact the shipping company in the event of any mishandling. Our health guarantee is valid for three days. We are more than happy to help you with questions or concerns regarding a proper setup however we can not control your environment or husbandry. DOA (dead on arrival) must be reported within 1 hour of arriving based on Fed Ex time stamp and photo evidence provided. We do not issue cash refunds for losses, but we will replace the animal at no charge if no exceptions apply. We prefer to ship Monday through Wednesday but will ship on Thursdays if the package is being delivered to a Fed Ex hub.

There are a few exceptions that will void the live arrival guarantee.

1. The buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt.

2. A delay in shipping due to carrier mishandling.

3. Temperatures at the hub or destination being under 32 degrees or over 99.

4. Animals held for pickup at a Fed Ex hub must be picked up the same day as arrival.

5. A delay in shipping resulting in rerouting due to an inaccurate delivery address being provided.

Shipments are made through Ship Your Reptiles, Reptiles to You or Reptile Express weather permitting. Unless decided during the purchase transaction, shipping insurance is optional but highly recommended. Without insurance there is NO coverage for late, DOA or mishandled packages. Live arrival guarantee will only apply to the cost of the animal and not the cost of shipping. Shipping costs for  replacement animal in the event it is necessary are the responsibility of the buyer. Once inspected and accepted the well being of the animal is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Deposits & Payment Plans

Payment must be made in full before any animal is shipped. We accept Paypal, Cashiers Check and any major Credit Card. Short term payment plans are available on purchases over $500. If you need a payment plan please contact us to discuss terms and duration. We are very flexible and will work with you to make it a stress free purchase.

We look forward to working with you to get the snake of your dreams! Sometimes this requires a payment plan and we offer plans on most purchases over $500. If the animal is under $500 and you find yourself needing a payment plan - JUST ASK! We will always try to help make it a stress free purchase. We require a 20% deposit to hold an animal with monthly payments staring after that. Once paid in full shipping arrangements will be made. Deposits and payments towards a purchase are nonrefundable. If the payment plan needs to be revised we understand things happen! Just keep us updated and we can work out a revised schedule, however we do reserve the right to cancel a plan that has gone longer than 60 days past the original agreement.

Feeding Issues

If you are having issues with an animal you received from us please contact us and let us help you find a solution to the problem. All of our snakes feeding habits are disclosed prior to shipping. We refuse to ship a known problem feeder to an inexperience owner. Newly acquired snakes normally will start feeding within the first week or two if allowed to settle in and acclimate to their new environment. However, the stress from being in a new environment and the shipping process sometimes will make a snake go into a non feeding mode. As long as there are no others issues they can go much longer without eating safely so don't panic! Hatchlings and young snakes under 200 grams should start feeding within a minimum of 2-4 weeks due to minimal fat storage. We are more than happy to assist you in figuring out why your snake may not be eating. It may be as simple as a temperature, humidity or security fix but we will help you to figure it out and correct it!

That's the fine print! You made it this far, now get to picking out some cool stuff!